Educational and Professional Training Opportunities

Advanced and Professional Training with Companies

For those who live, breathe, and sleep dance, there are ballet and contemporary companies out there that offer professional  training programs to help the process of furthering a dancer’s career. These programs take a lot of hard work, determination and commitment, but by the time the dancer is 18 years old, he/she will be ready to take the stage as a professional!

Interested in pursuing a career in dance? Here are a few companies in the United States offering pre-professional programs that could get you started. Ask Charmaine for details.

  • Ballet Lubbock
  • Ballet Frontier
  • Collage Dance Collective
  • Contemporary West Dance Theater
  • Dallas Black Dance Theater
  • Dance Theatre of Harlem
  • Orlando Ballet
  • Philadanco
  • Tallahassee Ballet
  • Texas Ballet Theater
  • University of Wyoming

In order to ensure eligibility, interested dancers must first complete the Intermediate III/advanced level of training, and then proceed with a formal audition process. Prospective students have the opportunity to be recruited through a Classical Ballet Program. The requirements for these programs include Ballet technique, Pointe, Modern (Horton/Graham), Jazz, Character, and Pilates to ensure dancers are well rounded in their training.

The curriculum is very intensive and includes multiple dance forms, weekend dance shops, and master classes. The pre-professional course for study is broken into various levels of training beginning at ballet basics and ending at performance learning and refining. Classes are held six days a week, and once the program is completed, each student should have attained balance, coordination, physical strength, confidence, and an understanding of the art. The student will then be well prepared for a professional career as a dancer.

If you are considering a professional track, Charmaine recruits for several professional training programs, schools and companies around the country. Contact her for details. Scholarships are available if you meet the criteria.

Higher Education

Are you a high school student interested in Dance as your major? Are you a college dance team interested in strengthening recruitment? Are you parents helping your child weigh the pros and cons of different schools and teams they are looking in to?  My mission is to bring information to dancers interested in trying out for a college Dance Program, to assist college dance teams in making their information more readily available and to answer important questions that come up in the decision process.

Major: Dance

Is dance your favorite way to express yourself? As a dance major, prepare not only to develop your physical skills, but also to explore the history, theory, and science of your art. Get ready for a tough schedule of technique and choreography classes, long evenings in rehearsal, and academic classes. Dance majors challenge their bodies and their minds in this demanding art form.

Both the bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.) and the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) prepare students for careers as dancers and choreographers. The B.A. also prepares students for careers in dance education, administration, and therapy.

For information on various University Dance Programs across the country, contact Charmaine for more info on how to apply.

Scholarship available.