The Professional Ballet Masterclass is taught in the style of a professional ballet company’s daily class, tailored to suit student’s abilities. These classes give a unique insight into professional ballet training. The classes are designed to be challenging yet fun for all students.

The students may learn steps they have never covered before. The idea is to challenge the students technically and artistically with a focus on detail. The intent is to create a professional environment and give the dancer the experience training as a professional ballet dancer. The classes are fast paced, reflecting the professional dancer’s process of learning quickly. The classes exercise their brains as well as their bodies, building on the skills of learning new choreography quickly.

There will be plenty of time in the class to work on improving technique as well as covering choreography and repertory from famous ballets such as Swan lake, Le Sylphide, etc.

Classes offered for levels Pre-primary – Level 2A following the ABT curriculum.

Levels 3A to Advanced students the follows the Balanchine style.